Influence Brand Experience, Viral Marketing and Brand Image to Brand Loyalty to Service Users Streaming Spotify in Indonesia


  • Lawrence Philip Institute of Technology and Business Malang
  • Theresia Pradiani Institute of Technology and Business Malang
  • Fathorrahman Institute of Technology and Business Malang



Brand Experience, Music Streaming Application Industry, Spotify, Quantitative Approach, Multiple Linear Regression, Viral Marketing


The development of a competitive music streaming application industry has an impact on the company's success with a focus on brand loyalty. This study aims to understand the effect of brand experience, viral marketing, and brand image on Spotify user loyalty in Indonesia. A quantitative approach was used by involving 100 Spotify user respondents aged 18-50 years, who use Instagram, through a purposive sampling technique. Primary data was collected through a questionnaire with a five-point Likert Scale. Data analysis used multiple linear regression with IBM SPSS version 26. The findings show that brand experience and viral marketing have no positive effect on brand loyalty. However, brand image has a positive influence. Therefore, it is advisable for companies to enhance features and apply conventional marketing strategies to improve brand experience and achieve better brand loyalty.


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