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International Conference on Recent Innovation is a scientific proceedings publication service for international conferences. Subject areas of this publication include: provides media to publish scientific articles from scholars and experts around the world related to the Multidisciplinary topics. International Conference Series on Recent Innovation is published by ADI Publisher.

 International Conference Series Vol 5 Oktober 2020  

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Publication Year: 2020 

1 Deni Nasir Ahma, Sumiah Nasution, S.S , Muhammad Arifin Effects Of Internet Use And Reproductive Knowledge Sexual Education In Adolescents In Preventing Sexual  International Conference Series (ICRI)   2020
2 Kuswara  , Yena Sumayana  The Role Of Ramadan Fasting Values For Character Education Of Elementary School Students International Conference Series (ICRI)   2020
3 Dr. Titik Haryati, M.Pd Gender's Role Optimization In Child Protection To Prepare Gold Generations International Conference Series (ICRI)   2020
4 Pudentiana Rr, Ngatemi Ngatemi Phenomenes Of Violence Women And Children International Conference Series (ICRI)   2020
5 R.Eriska Ginalita Dwi Putri, Haidan Angga Kusumah, Asti Sri Mulyanti The Role Of Tertiary Institutions In Increasing Understanding Of The Protection Of Child Abuse Laws In Communities In Sukabumi International Conference Series (ICRI)   2020