Special Issue

Special Issue: Recent Innovation in Startupreneur Multiproduct striving the Digital Age

Special issue : (IICRO) International Interdisciplinary Conference on Research & Opportunities | September 13, 2023,  Indonesia

Special issue dari AJRI P-ISSN: 2685-9106 | E-ISSN: 2686-0384  | Deadline submit manuscript: closed (31 July 2023)

Special Issue Editor

Dr. Dino Patti Djalal| Wikipedia 

Abstract Special Issue:

Dear Colleagues,
TThe digital revolution transformed businesses worldwide and changed how small business support can and should be delivered. Businesses are essential agents of inclusive growth, and the digital process has fundamentally affected them. As digital technologies present businesses with new opportunities and challenges that the COVID pandemic has accelerated, their support needs have also shifted. In the digital age, meaningful support provides startupreneur with information and resources and does so in new ways, using digital channels. Understanding how digital technologies are changing the landscape will be paramount for small business support to be effective and sustainable through the 21st century.

This Special Issue of AJRI, entitled "Recent Innovation in Startupreneur Multiproduct striving the Digital Age," To assess which changes digital transformation has brought about, we trace the lineage of startupreneur to support multiproduct striving the Digital Age. For this expanded ecosystem to have an impact, greater mutual awareness and new partnerships are required. The Special Issue will include theoretical and practical research focusing on, but need not be limited to, the following:

1. Management Information System
2. E-business
3. International Business
4. Technology and Entrepreneurship
5. Computer Science/informatics