The Influence of Price, Facilities, and Service Quality on Re-Staying Interest


  • Rusmaidi Fetra Institut Teknologi dan Bisnis Asia
  • Theresia Pradiani Institut Teknologi dan Bisnis Asia
  • Faturrahman Institut Teknologi dan Bisnis Asia



Price, Facilities, Quality of Service, Interest to Stay Again, Intention


This study aims to determine the impact of price, facilities and quality of service, in part or in combination, on intention to stay again. This study is a post hoc study using a quantitative approach. The sampling technique used the probability sampling technique, i.e. simple random sampling, and sampled customers who stayed at The Singhasari Resort Batu more than once from a total of 100 respondents. Sampling was performed according to the Slovin formula. The results of this study show that (1) price has a positive and significant effect on the intention to stay again, (2) facilities have a positive and significant effect on the intention to stay again, and (3) quality of service. has a positive and significant effect. (4) Prices, facilities, and quality of service all have a positive and significant impact on revisit intentions at the same time.


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