Design of Educational Social Media as Collaborative Learning in post Pandemic


  • Muzakki Ahmad Universitas Amikom Yogyakarta



education, social media, collaborative learning


Research on the design of educational social media as collaborative learning in post pandemic is a response to the conditions and impacts from occurred on education in Indonesia after covid-19. Based on data from the Ministry of Education and Culture Indonesian in April 2020, the Analysis of the Quick Survey of Learning From Home in Covid-19 Prevention Period, stated that the number of students who carried out interactive learning online with their teacher was less than 40% and the majority of students learned by doing questions from the teacher and learning independently from textbooks. The ideal teacher competence in online learning is a teacher who can implement video conferencing and can create online teaching materials. The pandemic came suddenly and the readiness of teachers and students in online learning is a factor in the effectiveness of teaching and learning activities in Indonesia. This educational social media design is purpose to facilitate teachers and students in collaborative learning that can be carried out by all teachers and students in Indonesia. This research produces output of educational social media design in the form of data flow diagram and interactive flow of application. The research method used is a combination of literature study and field study in order to obtain effective social media references for education category.

The results of the research are in the form of data flow diagrams and interactive flow which can describe the concept of educational social media before being implemented into applications. Data flow diagrams are used for database design and database relationship on application data requirements, while interactive flow is the initial stage in making user interfaces application. So with the results of this research, a prototype of educational social media applications can be drawn as collaborative learning.


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