A Comparative Study of the Significance of Suffering in James 1:2-4


  • Maria Benedicta Dian Savitri Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Baptis Kalvari




Trial, God’s Perspective, Suffering, Belief System, Attitude


When individuals are confronted with challenging situations, they may contemplate whether the difficulties are the results of divine intervention or evil influences. Even more, they may also believe that the negative outcomes they are experiencing are the results of the sin they have committed. Rather than just assessing the impact of these trials on their lives, it is essential to consider whose perspective to adopt when dealing with adversity. Different religious and belief systems offer varying views on the causes of suffering and hardship. In this qualitative research, a comparative study is applied to examine several belief systems, including Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. As a result, one can gain insight into the origin of life’s difficulties and adopt a suitable mindset. The findings of this research can be particularly helpful for Christians, as they can better comprehend the role of suffering in life and cultivate a perspective that strives to be conformed to the image of God.


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Maria Benedicta Dian Savitri. (2022). A Comparative Study of the Significance of Suffering in James 1:2-4. Conference Series, 4(2), 232–239. https://doi.org/10.34306/conferenceseries.v4i2.928