The Influence of Cultural And Christianity ValuesToward The Society


  • Luther Tarigan IAKN Tarutung
  • Pestaria Naibaho IAKN Tarutung
  • Togap Siringo SMP N 1 Siempat Nempu Hulu


ChristianValues, Religious Education, The Society Lifes


This study aims to krlow the improvcrrant of civilization end Christianity values, As  the impact of Dr. I.L. Nommensen content of teaching  towards  the society at Huta Dame as the fast village at Tarutung, Indore s ia. Metlnd of research was descriptive qualitative with the sample of 85 informants, similar with 20 % from 428 populatkin. Data gathering was by depth-interview that was put in tix data display and  tix  resuk  was  tahn lated  and administered quantâatively which derived from primer data. It was found that there was a significant influence of civilization and Christianity values towards society around wéhin contribution 53.96 & and tfe other rest 46.03%, were impacted by otlx r variables. It implies that civilization and Christianity values are two importam segwnt that play a main role in nurturing t c  society. Both c ivilization  arid Christianity  values  have strong function to educate and characterize the society for art sides of life.


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